CANAM offers a comprehensive service for emergency and non-emergency lighting in all commercial and managed residential buildings.

Emergency Lighting

Canam carries out installation, maintenance, repair, inspection and testing of emergency lighting systems, in line with current guidelines. This includes, fire exit and directional signs, lighting in evacuation routes and staircases, and other areas where back-up lighting is needed.

We cover all types of emergency lighting, including:

  • Maintained – where the same lamp is illuminated either via the electrical mains or by battery if the mains supply is cut.
  • Non-Maintained – where the lamp is only illuminated when the main supply is cut.
  • Sustained – in these fittings there are two lamps, one for mains power, the other for battery back up.

General Lighting

We carry out installation, maintenance, repair, inspection and testing on all types of general lighting – such as common-part lighting, street and walkway lighting, offices and retail premises.

We use mobile access platforms and/or scaffold towers to access high-level installations. Canam also makes out-of-hours inspections of external lighting at our client sites – for example, street lighting. This helps ensure lights function properly in hours of darkness for safety reasons.

Energy Efficiency

Canam takes an active role in helping clients to reduce energy consumption in their buildings. We make improvements and alterations to lighting arrangements, to provide direct cost savings to our clients with added environmental benefits.

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